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June 20, 2007



I think it would help if you had a swatch to compare it to. Say if you did a swatch with size 4US needles and had them side by side, it would be easier to say "I like this one better." As it is, I'm not really sure what to think. It also depends on how you like your stockinette stitch to look. Some people like it to look a little tighter then others do.

I'm sorry I couldn't have been of more help. :-/


I agree with the last commenter that it would be helpful to have something to compare your swatch to. It's also a matter of taste as to whether you want it loose and lacey or more dense.

Having said that, and based on this one swatch one, my personal taste would be to use a smaller needle for a slightly tighter appearance.

Hope this helps a little.

Lab Cat

It looks good to me, but I like loose lace. Perhaps like the other comments say, you should try a smaller sized needle and see what you like.

Did you block it well? It will get looser still after washing.

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