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June 16, 2007



I like your colors, even though I already know you changed your mind on the pattern. ;)

Marie (a.k.a."Meme")

Hi Amy! I saw your link in your signature of the email you sent me... I promise to email you back! What a nice blog! I give you credit for even attempting a "ripple afghan"... I have never completed one, apparently because I cannot count, ha ha. Actually I have tried knit and crochet patterns, but never got the hang of getting them right. I like your colors, actually, I have a granny square afghan started with almost identical colors - the only difference being I am using tan instead of linen color. So, have you decided if you are going to finish it yet?

And you're a soap fan, too! OMG!
MY fave's from top to bottom...
1. Y&R - always been my favorite - I even have a Y&R section on my rsd forum!Please drop by there for more discussion if you like, ha ha...
2. As The World Turns - Lately seems boring, but that's just me...
3. Bold and the Beautiful - I've watched for years, but, sometimes I lose patience and say I will not watch, but I always do, ha ha!

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